Rich cuisine, generous culture, overflowing Happiness!


By the charming beaches of Umluj, where the bright golden sand shines
over the clear drifting blue waves, Red Sea Global is
hosting Souq Amerah, the first market geared towards international visitors
to highlight the culture and authentic products of Umluj’
Souq Amerah is a local market where farmers, craftsmen and artisanal
retailers showcase and sell different foods, merchandise, crafts and other
products in a fun, lively and entertaining atmosphere, while amazing live
shows, music, and workshops happen around the souq.


We are offering an extraordinary experience that highlights the captivating
nature, culture and essence of Umluj. Souq Amerah is

Highlighting different aspects of the local culture and showcasing the diversity of its produce

Engaging the community and widening their knowledge of local products

Unifying local retailers and craftspeople in one platform to promote and sell their goods

Spreading awareness of what goods our country creates

Enhancing the local market and providing opportunities for local retailers


Umluj, AL Hawrah
Farmers market.

Every Friday, starting 4 November
2022 until 20 January 2023.

4 - 10


Register as a vendor in Souq Amerah

the first and largest event to join the local
culture and producers of Umluj in one
remarkable experience.

Get your own stand
in the market
without any fees.

Work within an
entertaining, astonishing
environment, and enjoy
amazing shows.

Advertise your brand
and products to a
new, wider audience.



Are there any fees needed in order to be vendor?

No fees are required.

What papers and official processes are needed in order to be a vendor?

Commercial register (if any).
Maroof register number (if any).
Thorough and sufficient information and photos regarding any sold products.


Who are the targeted audience?

Public, all age groups.

What is the souq duration?

Every Friday, 4 - 10 pm, for 12 weeks.

What kind of products can I purchase other than food?

The souq offers a variety of products, such as agricultural crops, handicrafts,
flowers and natural cosmetic products.

Do I need a ticket to enter?

No tickets or fees are required for entry.

What types of payments are accepted?

Both cash and credit cards are accepted.

Terms and Conditions

  • Vendors must list every product they plan to sell and must not sell any product outside of that list.

  • Any space provided to vendors shall only be used for the purpose of selling agreed-upon products.

  • Vendors must be knowledgeable about their products and must be able to convey information when questioned by the public.

  • Vendors must follow SFDA regulations and must follow safety precautions.

  • Vendors must confirm their attendance 48 hours prior to the event and attend one-day before to arrange their booths.

  • Vendors must be committed to the agreed-upon attendance time.

  • The registered vendors who were unable to attend the event for any reason must inform the operational team within 48 hours prior to the agreed-upon date, or risk being denied permission to register again.

  • Vendors must commit to keeping the booth unharmed and undamaged.

  • Vendors are required to follow appropriate behavior in their interactions with visitors and operational team.